Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life. You want this day to be as perfect as possible, with every detail in place so things go off without a hitch. To ensure a great wedding, you need a great wedding venue in which to hold the ceremonies. If you’re seeking wedding venues in poughkeepsie ny, the endless selection is sure to make you smile because you get a back in the wedding planning process. But, the endless choices also bring challenges. How do you know which of the venues is best suited to cater to your needs? Read below to learn more information about choosing the best wedding venue to hold your celebration.


If you will have friends and family coming in for the wedding from across the country, ensure the location of the venue is easily accessible for out-of-town guests. Many couples choose downtown venues to make things easier.

Rules & Requirements

Always learn the rules and requirements of the venue before handing any money over or booking the facility. This includes restrictions that might prevent you from the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

Venue Size

How many people are attending your wedding? Some people like their wedding intimate and casual, while others prefer a big bang get together with hundreds of guest. There’s a venue to accommodate your needs no matter which option you prefer, but do keep the size of the venue and your guest list in mind when making your selection.


Your wedding is costing enough without an extraordinary price for venue rental. Set a budget before looking for locations. Know what is in your price range and what is not, and save time and headache. Compare prices of venues in the area to find something that meets your needs, including budget requirements.