On The Couch Or In The Park, You Can Exercise Your Brain Too

It is awesome that you have decided to spend time in the park after work. After all, after a long and hard day’s work in front of the computer in your confined office space, your body does need its exercise and fresh air. It’s also great that you have decided to get your young kids to tag along as well. Not all kids are spending enough time out of doors as they should. It is hardly your fault because how are you to supervise them when you are at work the whole day?

But you know what they say; practice what you preach and lead by example. When you get this much right in your family life, you see how quickly the young kids respond. There is nothing more that a young boy wants than to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Of course, if dad is watching ballgames and late night movies on the TV for most of his after work time, you can hardly blame the kid if he chooses to spend all his childlike years playing video games in his room.

Apart from being a good example for your kids to follow, you can try your best to compensate for this bad habit of yours. Come on, why don’t you give this a try. Get your kids to join in as you try your hardest to unravel the teasers of those big brain games in front of you. Your brain needs exercise too and you never know, your kid might just surprise you. After all, isn’t it true that they’re catching on a lot quicker to new technologies that we care to try? Many of us simply give up. But not them.